Change your PSN Name?

How exactly to change your PlayStation Network Name?

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How will you change your PlayStation Network Name, PlayStation users cannot change their PlayStation network name at this time. This will be altered in 2018. This was hinted at during a great event, the opening of the PlayStation Experience.
The Sin SEO Shawn L: Aydan was interviewed by Greg Miller and was asked about the name-changing possibility in the foreseeable future. He first made a tale about any of it and informed that elves were hard at the job upon this option, but then admitted that putting this into action of the technology had not been so easy as most people think. When moving in detail on the topic, Layden said that he dreams this option comes into play 2018, but he’s uncertain yet. He also desires that similar question will never be asked in the foreseeable future because they’re working on this program. He does understand that there is a lot of excitement around the option of changing your PS network name

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If we compare other systems, changing names have been an option for some time now. The largest PSN rival Xbox, for example, has already established the option for some time with Xbox users having the ability to change their brands for days gone by 5 years. It begins with a free offer with users getting one change to improve their name. Later they will need to buy a name change.

But if PlayStation talks about changing your PlayStation Network name in a commercial way they can increase income a lot. Video games such a Little league Of Legends. This game titles asked also a payment to improve your name, and many people do that once in a while.

In the long run Sony will have their hands full during the PlayStation Experience event with other great and exciting reveals. It is not expected to receive any other information concerning name change on PSN soon. Sony is focusing on it.

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