Tips and Tricks for your PlayStation that you did not know about!

Many of you might have been a devoted PlayStation fanatic over time. Playing on your chosen console every freaking day. Because of software changes, sometimes new features get added to your PlayStation without you knowing about this. Here you will read some of the features that have been added, tips and tricks for PlayStation. Continue reading or start reading about obtaining a PS gift card code.

Put your PS to sleep while working

Most people switch off there PlayStation when they are finished gaming. Moreover, it is awful when you must play with your controller linked to the console because it has gone out of electric battery. This little trick comes in handy to most people. Go directly to the option of the power settings of your PlayStation. You may permit a few features when you PS is at rest mode. For instance, your PS4 can continue steadily to give capacity to the USB jacks. In this manner your controllers will game ready all the time (at least if you don’t game nonstop!). It is also possible to leave the internet on your PS, updates should go automatically.

The library of PlayStation Plus

free playstation plus
There was a period that everybody who was online with PlayStation Plus, were downloading a free released game for PS Plus members each month. With limited space on your PS it was simply a subject of time that you’ll go out of GB. PlayStation Plus participants, may use the library for PlayStation. The games that you have added to your individual library can be found to download when you want. This will stay possible for as long as you keep your PS plus membership. Try out a free PS plus code now.

Teach your fellow gamers by PS broadcasting

Don’t be a show off of course, but we all have moments that losing is impossible. On occasions such as this you can go through the share button and choose broadcast. Select a service that you will use for broadcasting and start showing off, just a little bit. You can enable comments to your broadcast and receive all the credits that you deserve. It really is about fun, could it be?
Get notifications about your best friend
You don’t need a notification off all those gamers that you have in your friend list. Just for your very best mates, go to notifications and when friends are getting online. Here’s where you decide who those real mates are. From this moment on there is a notification for your best friends and you can start gaming together.

Send your PS messages slightly faster

Messaging with the PS key pad will not go as fast as you want. Next time you have tried it, click the centered “Home” button two times. This will direct you back to the previous display screen you exposed on your PlayStation. Strike it onetime and you go to home.

PlayStation app for Android and iOS

Don’t get stressed when you are out of your gaming surrounding at home. See who of your friends is online on their PlayStation or start downloading that game that just got released. Thanks to the PlayStation app everything is ready when you get back home.

PlayStation chat app

Use the Gleam PS messenger app. In addition to the other PlayStation app, you can message with your PS friends. Agree on a time and get together in action.

A smooth interaction of PlayStation and Spotify

Sony made a great and smooth integration with Spotify into the PlayStation system. Choose your PS4 at linked devices in the bottom of the display. Your mobile phone and PlayStation do need to be linked to the same network though. You will now be able to select melodies on your telephone and play them on your PlayStation console.

Game online while your PlayStation is set offline

Great tip if you don’t want to be disturbed or be spotted online. Don’t let anyone see that you are constantly online on your PS. You will find two different options of showing your offline position. At “Home” select your profile and choose your offline. You are offline now. Nevertheless, you have already signed in so friends who dying to game with you noticed this. If you wish to avoid such a predicament, option two will come in handy. Once you set up your PlayStation, go to your account and click on the option button. Here you can choose sign in online and appearance offline on your PlayStation. Stay in your gaming zone and don’t be bothered. Also stay online with a free PSN code.

Change the brightness of your PS controller

PS controller
Many do not experience the controller light as an issue. But if you do, change your lighting of a controller. Hold the home button for a few seconds. At “Sound and Devices” you can adapt the brightness of your PlayStation controller. Additionally, it is possible to totally transform it off. Your controller may last a bit longer as well!

The volume of your PlayStation controller

Each PS gamer has noticed it, your controller holds a speaker. There are occasions, especially online, that some %#!$& gamer cannot keep his mouth shut when they lose. At these circumstances it can be helpful you can adapt the sound. Just like changing the brightness, contain the home button. The first option enables you to control the controller volume, please shut that annoying person.

Better PS gamer than your friends?

Your PSN profile monitors the achievements of you as well as your friends. Neglect this little tip if you’re emotional or a bad loser. At the friends and family list you can go to all trophies and compare them with yours. Please be cautious, PlayStation trophies can be considered a sensitive subject to some friends.
Is Wi-fi or LAN connection better for online PlayStation gaming?
There must be no description needed on Wireless or LAN subject matter. Regardless of how good your Wireless connection is, internet connection by cable will always be more stable! With LAN cords available that are greater than 10 yards long you ought to be fine. Improve the internet connection of your PlayStation today.

Ever heard of the PlayStation SIRI?

No it isn’t as effective as Siri that we know from Apple. Nevertheless, it is a good feature from PlayStation. To make your “PS SIRI” work you are required to have a mic. If you are linked speak to your PS by saying: “PlayStation” and “all comments”. Your PS console will show a set of all the possible commends which you can use. This will come in extremely useful whenever your hands are cramping from all that gaming.

A quick screenshot on your PS

You are so good at gaming and it is brag-worthy, take that quick screenshot! Snap, missed it (For the individuals that don’t know how to make a screenshot, hold “Share” on your controller). Did you recognize this situation? You can also make your screenshot go even faster by modifying the function of your “Share” button. Head to options and go to “Sharing and Broadcast”. Here you go directly to the Share button and change it to your preference. Easy screenshot for PlayStation can help you capture your very best private PlayStation moments.

Connect PlayStation to your remote control

Not a special remote for your PlayStation, at least not yet. But this is a how to hook up the handy remote control of your tv to your PS. At the choice system in the configurations of your PlayStation you will notice “HDMI device link”. Enable the “HDMI device link” and then go to your tv set options to do the same. They also name it as HDMI-CEC. Nearly every television brand is uses a different name for this specific function. Therefore, your best friend Google, is your help.

PlayStation chat groups

Stay in contact with your primary PS group. On your PS go to friends, here you can select a favorite group. Choose your very best friends and therefore you can talk to them in a few new ways. Don’t let everyone in your inner circle.

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